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3D Wellness is Lincoln's premier Cryo and LED Light Therapy treatment center.Browse our services to learn more, and schedule an appointment with a specialist!

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At 3D Wellness, you know your needs will be met by a real person that genuinely cares about helping you achieve the results you deserve.

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Whether you need a new pain management solution, acne treatments,body sculpting or anti-aging, 3D Wellness has a solution for you.

Cryo Body Sculpting

Losing weight and inches is a lifelong battle for many of us. Imagine losing inches in just a few minutes without dangerous surgery or downtime! Our clients have had great success with Cryotherapy Body Sculpting at 3D Wellness.

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Cryo Aesthetics

Wrinkles happen. Aging, sun exposure, dehydration, and facial expressions are some of the most common causes.. But now there’s an easy way to get back some of that youthful glow with a Cryotherapy Facial at 3D Wellness.

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Cryo Pain Management

Joint pain at a specific point in your body? Sometimes you need to go straight to the source, and when you do, the Localized Spot Cryotherapy sessions at 3D Wellness are ready to aim.

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LED Anti-Aging

Boost collagen production and improve pigment naturally and safely with LED light therapy at 3D Wellness. Just lie back, relax, and enjoy the amazing benefits.

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LED Acne Treatment

Acne can happen at all ages. Whether you are a teenager or an adult suffering from acne, 3D Wellness is here for you. Our specific LED light therapy is effective at treating existing acne as well as preventing new breakouts.

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LED Wound Healing

Accelerate wound healing at the speed of light. Our special LED light therapy has been clinically proven to speed the healing of wounds such as incisions, cuts, bruises, infections, etc.

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Ballancer® PRO

FDA approved compression therapy. Flush toxins, reduce pain, remove water retention, improve circulation, transport fatty acids, and boost immunity.

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Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten’s saunas offer clinically proven infrared sauna benefits like lowered blood pressure, weight loss, detoxification and more.

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SMYLxo Teeth Whitening

SMYLxo is unlike any other brand by perfecting teeth whitening while making the process quick and simple. Combining SMYLxo’s FDA approved whitening formula with LED, your teeth will be whiter in minutes.

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Sculpt Pod Pro

The massage/vibration plate in the Sculpt Pod vibrates your body softly while you receive red light and infrared at the same time.

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Real People Sharing their Real Thoughts

Read what real 3D Wellness clients have to say about our painless and effortless treatments!Book an appointment with 3D today to try it out and see what we can do for you.

Their light therapy is the absolute bomb. I’ve had a limp the past 7 years due to a bum knee from playing baseball and after a couple sessions of therapy it is feeling better than ever. I now notice no limp at all and am walking normally without putting much thought into it. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone who has similar problems like mine.

Cole V.
From Google Reviews

I have tried the Shaping cryo service, cryo facial, and the light. I have felt amazing after every service. I have been doing the shaping service for 3 months and have lost around 8 inches in total!! Michaela is very knowledgeable and has helped me with my wellness goals.

Jennifer R.
From Google Reviews

Staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. Started both cryotherapy (including frotox) and light therapy and so happy with the results! Face is so much tighter and smoother. 100% would recommend these painless, easy and relaxing treatments that give you amazing results.

Heather A.
From Google Reviews
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