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Lincoln, Nebraska's go-to Wellness Service Clinic

You will feel amazing during and after experiencing our Aesthetic and Wellness services at 3D Wellness. Our biohacking services have the potential to improve your health-- inside and out. Feel better mentally and physically today; book a session!

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Lincoln, Nebraska's  top biohacking and wellness services team.
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About 3D Wellness

My name is Michaela Judd, and my husband and co-founder's name is Dustin. We've served the Lincoln, Nebraska health and wellness sector since 2005, and we recently added our lineup of wellness services in 2020.

Our wellness center is not just about providing treatments; it's about creating a community where health and wellness are a priority. We have been serving the Lincoln area for almost 20 years, and we are proud to have made a positive impact on the lives of our clients.

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What is Biohacking?

"[Biohacking] is the art of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control of your own biology."
- Dave Asprey

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Cryotherapy Body Contouring

Lose up to 2'' off your waist or thighs with Cryotherapy Body Contouring.

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Cryotherapy Pain Management

Go Straight to the Source for Pain Relief with Localized Spot Cryotherapy.

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3D Aesthetics

Achieve a healthy, youthful appearance while looking natural. 3D Wellness Aesthetics are fast and effective.

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Body Contouring Pod

Our Contour Pod is a natural approach to weight loss and body contouring that can change your body in 30 minute sessions.

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Ballancer® Pro

Flush toxins, reduce pain, remove water retention,improve circulation, transport fatty acids, and boost immunity.

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Change your Vibe, Change Your Life! Experience the amazing benefits of bioharmonics.

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Are you ready to get Salty?! Halotherapy, aka salt therapy, has many benefits for health and performance.

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Infrared Sauna

Our saunas offer clinically proven infrared sauna benefits like lowered blood pressure, weight loss, detoxification and more.

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SMYLxo Teeth Whitening

Our FDA approved formula from SMYLxo will have your teeth back to pearly white status in no time.

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FDA Approved LED

Our LED light therapy is an FDA approved application of specific light therapy consisting of wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits.

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With a wide variety of biohacking services to choose from, including Cryotherapy, LED Light Therapy, Bioharmonics and more, 3D Wellness has just what you need to start feeling like you again.

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Articles & News

Read the latest and greatest from 3D Wellness! Here, we share practical wellness insights and updates from our company.

Monthly Newsletter - Sleep Awareness
June 18, 2023

Monthly Newsletter - Sleep Awareness

It's Sleep Awareness Week!

Welcome to 3D Wellness!
June 18, 2023

Welcome to 3D Wellness!

We're excited to announce the arrival of 3D Wellness to the Lincoln business community.

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