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3D Wellness is proud to be
locally owned and operated.

At 3D Wellness, we believe in delivering real results to real people just like you.

Welcome to 3D Wellness. My name is Michaela. My husband Dustin and I created 3D Wellness in 2020.

We are both proud to be long time Lincoln residents. I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln and my husband is a graduate of Doane College.

We have served the Lincoln area with nutrition and fitness businesses beginning in 2005.

Our first business was a women’s weight loss center. We then opened a kickboxing fitness gym in 2016. In 2018 we opened a sports nutrition store which we currently own and operate. With these businesses, we have taken pride in helping thousands of men, women, and children become happier and healthier while reaching their individual goals.

Dustin and I are extremely excited to share the amazing benefits of our new services at 3D Wellness.

We currently provide Localized Cryotherapy and LED Light Therapies. Our services help clients with body sculpting, aesthetics, pain management, anti-aging, acne, scars and more. One of the most amazing benefits of our services is that they are safe, non-invasive treatments that will require no down time unlike harsh surgeries.

We look forward to meeting you
and helping you achieve your goals.

~ Michaela & Dustin

3D Wellness. real people. real results.

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