Service Spotlight: Cryo Aesthetics

Wrinkles happen. Aging, sun exposure, dehydration, and facial expressions are some of the most common causes.. But now there’s an easy way to get back some of that youthful glow with a Cryotherapy Facial at 3D Wellness.

How does it work?

Using cryogenically cooled air, the Cryotherapy Facial at 3D Wellness specifically targets fine lines, reduces pore size and wrinkles while activating collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. It’s an awakening of sorts, reminding your skin of its former youth by increasing the skin’s ability to regain elasticity, appear smoother and bring forth a youthful glow.

Try a 10-minute session and you’ll see –

  • Fine lines, pore size and wrinkles diminished on the face, neck and chest
  • Improved firmness, smoothness and elasticity as collagen is stimulated
  • Results that will have you glowing up to 5 days after your treatment

There’s nothing fine about fine lines. It’s time to take the wrinkles out of life with a cooling Cryo Aesthetics at 3D Wellness. Book your Cryo Aesthetics appointment with 3D Wellness today! 

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