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Their light therapy is the absolute bomb. I’ve had a limp the past 7 years due to a bum knee from playing baseball and after a couple sessions of therapy it is feeling better than ever. I now notice no limp at all and am walking normally without putting much thought into it. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone who has similar problems like mine.

Cole V.
From Google Reviews

I have tried the Shaping cryo service, cryo facial, and the light. I have felt amazing after every service. I have been doing the shaping service for 3 months and have lost around 8 inches in total!! Michaela is very knowledgeable and has helped me with my wellness goals.

Jennifer R.
From Google Reviews

Staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. Started both cryotherapy (including frotox) and light therapy and so happy with the results! Face is so much tighter and smoother. 100% would recommend these painless, easy and relaxing treatments that give you amazing results.

Heather A.
From Google Reviews

3d wellness has changed my life and my outlook. I've lost visceral fat, and over 5 inches. I feel like I dont have to starve myself or stress so much because I know I'm getting results no matter what I do or dont do. I've also had great experiences with the skin tightening after losing so much fat. One arm had a horrible saddle bag waddle and the skin tightening is making it tighten and match my other arm. Excited to try a cryo facial and light thearpy. In a world of lies and uncertainty its wonderful to go somewhere and get real results from honest people.

From Google Reviews

I love the look and feel of my skin after having the cryo facial done.

Jennifer W.
From Google Reviews

I have gone to 3D for some time now and sing their praise all day after visiting them. The products and services they offer are great, but the staff is phenomenal. I know when I go to see them that I will get great prices, but what sets them apart from any other wellness place, or honestly any other business, is how they make you feel when you’re there. The time of day I usually go happens to be the pinnacle of how much stress I’ve taken on. Spending 5-30 minutes at 3D and talking to Michaela or Dustin always melts my stress away and leaves me feeling good about myself. They don’t push me to buy things to profit off me, they help me to find the best product for me and usually have a great sale to accompany it. I have even stopped in solely to say hi to them when I’ve had a rough day. I’m guessing they probably didn’t know at the time how hard of a day I had, but I want to publicly acknowledge and thank them for, by simply being kind, considerate and caring, making me feel so much better and leaving me with a smile on my face to enjoy the rest of the day. I recently tried the Cool Sculpting 3D now offers, and I am amazed. I am typically skeptical of treatments such as this, but I have seen remarkable results. I swear I’ve been waking up trimmer than I went to sleep. I definitely recommend this service to others, ESPECIALLY at 3D!

Eric D.
From Google Reviews
3D Wellness. real people. real results.

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